Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stitch Fix - Part Deux

A few weeks ago, a beautiful package came in the mail! 
It was my Stitch Fix package #2!!

I waited a little to get a new package because I was hoping to have a little more money in my pocket and less poundage in my rear...

What is Stitch Fix? Well, read on it by clicking [here].
You want to give it try you say? Make sure you do so using [this link].

What you will see next are pictures taken by yours truly and also by hubby dearest. Despite my attempts to instruct him on effective non-blurry pics techniques, he, how should I say this, sucked tried his best.

Below I am sporting the two items I kept from my most recent Stitch Fix shipment.
Can you tell what my favorite color is?

I immediately fell for this Everly Makee Shortsleeve Layered Dress. 
I felt very dressed up as I went to a baby shower here. 
Cool thing is that I can also dress it down with some black leggings and flats!

This super soft and criss-crossed sweater is by YA. I've received lots of compliments when I wear this sweater.
Below is their Chiron Twist Front Drape Sweater. It's perfect to keep you warm when there's a slight breeze during those "cool" Miami nights.

Below are the other items that came in my second Stitch Fix shipment.

I actually really liked the Leaf Drop Earrings by Marlyn Schiff. I would've kept them, however, a piece of them broke off. 
They retailed for $25.00

This cute heather gray top by Mystree was super cute!
However, it was priced at around $75!!!! A little too much for a long sleeve tee.

This cute black button down by Everly was sent to me because it was definitely one that I'd venture to wear, but only if I had the right combination of clothes.

Stitch Fix does ask you: "How likely are you willing to wear a different style?"
My guess is that this was the "different style".

All in all, I was VERY happy with my second shipment since I was able to fit in all items and ended up purchasing 2 out of 5 items!

Don't forget to request your personalized Stitch Fix by clicking [here]!


  1. I love it ALL especially that first dress! I have heard of stitch fix bit haven't used them yet. I might have too.

  2. That is SOOOOOO cool! I have to try this, I might have to wait a little bit though- the hubs might flip if I try to squish more clothes into our closet!!! LoVe the items you decided to keep! :)

  3. Oh good glad my hubby isn't the only one with this problem. I love that Everly blouse!! So cute. You are a doll!

  4. I've never heard of that before! I will need to check them out... isn't it always the case that the silly picture contains no blur? You look fab in them all!

  5. Wow, what a cool idea! I love that blue criss cross sweater. So unique and beautiful. Thanks for linking up this week!


  6. Love everything! The color of that first dress is gorgeous! Thanks for linking up with us!


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