Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chipped Polish Fix!

My lovely and sweet friend Gabriella from Love.From.Londres. just blogged about how to get an amazing quick fix for that manicure that has started to chip at the tip! 

[In my best high school girl voice:] 
This is literally, THE best idea ever invented...EVER! 

I am super lazy and clumsy, therefore having to remove and reapply a full coat of polish requires tons of patience as I sit and wait for the manicure to dry. 
Of course, the following ensues: I get hungry, I get the urge to pee, my phone rings, I graze my couch with my nails....Yup, never a dull moment...

This was super quick and all I needed was less than 10 minutes and 1 shot of Patron Orange Citroen in between coats!

So this is what Gabriella's got to say to fix your mani:

Because of the amazing texture achieved with glitter/shimmer polishes, you can cover up chips, dents and cracks very easily with out anyone suspecting a thing, it looks pretty darn cute too!

3 easy steps:

1. mask off the area of nail you want, I chose a simple french tips style but you could be more adventurous with stensils.

2. apply 1-2 coats of the glitter/shimmer polish.

3. peel back the masking tape and apply a top coat, I used Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails.

**Since I lack patience, I used Essie's Good to Go Top Coat. 
It is awesome and dries in seconds!!**

via Love.From.Londres

Go visit Gabriella! She is one of the sweetest British girls I've met and she is a fluent Spanish speaker! 


  1. Very great idea! I'm totally trying this, the lazy girl that I am =)


  2. This is a wonderful idea! I have so many OPI nail polishes, and many of them have glittery bits, so I will try this soon!

  3. ANDIEEE THIS IS AMAZING, im so touched, and im LOVING the look you created!!
    (in my cheesy american school girl accent)

  4. hah how did i never think of that?? thanks for sharing :)

  5. ah! I never would have thought of this either!! I'm terrible about just putting a layer of glitter over the whole nail thought and trying to hide it..never thought about just tipping it! The red is perfection

  6. How Cute! What a great easy fix and it looks like you just got a manicure. I love the red and gold together.

  7. i love glitter on the tips! i've never used it to cover up but as the ends chip off, i do just slap more on there. lol


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