Tuesday, October 30, 2012

PreHalloween Festivities and Thunder Thighs

Last minute house party...pre planned Halloween Costumes...

Yeah I know we are cheesy. Can you guess what we are all dressed up as?

Heyyyyy!!! Sexy Ladies!

I am really not trying to spank her... promise!

Batter up! Opa Gangnam Style!

Totally HBO!

Tux Girl and Khaleesi! 

And she even brought her baby dragon!

Seeing double?
So there's a little story that goes with this one. Thing is, Alice and Flash, they are both couples and therefore, since the costumes were borrowed, the picture had to be recreated...8 years later! 

Flash and Psy....made for each other!

The party did not start until "Gangnam Style" was played and the fake Psy took over the dance floor!

Robin and I getting down...

Notice the skillz in dancing and drinking?!

And a "friend" of mine had an interesting compliment to give me. He told me I looked good since last time he saw me since I now had thunder thighs...funniest "compliment" I've ever heard! And he was super serious about it too! Good thing he came to his senses two beers later and came back to apologize in case he sounded rude and heartless...hmmmmm

I am really hoping I have another Halloween story to tell tomorrow!
Cross your fingers and extra toes!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Loot!

I am so THRILLED! 

A few weeks ago I signed up for a Halloween Swap!
Well, I just received my Halloween Trick or Treat Swap box! 

My partner in crime?
It was the incredibly hilarious Shannon over at Mehspace:
{'Eat everything'? You don't have to tell me twice!}

I got so much sweet loot! I totally know who to send my dentist bill to!
{Looks like the candy corn is almost gone!}

I got some super swanky thinking pads and booger catchers! 

A smiling Jack O'Lantern even dropped in to decorate my kitchen!

How did you know I love NERDS!?!?!!!!
{You are so S.M.R.T.!!!!}

And don't be jealous....I know I got the good stuff!!

Trick or Treat!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Coffee Talk #7 - Music and Vids!

Life took over...I know, but guess what, I'm trying to catch up! So here it is, link up with Natalie Blair's Coffee Talk #7! 
And now, press PLAY!

1. What is in your playlist?
The play list that I am always listening to is my Gym playlist! So i'd say:
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll
Britney Spears - Drop Dead Beautiful
Lil Wayne &amp - Cory Gunz: 6 foot 7 foot
David Guetta - Toyfriend
Skrillex - Bangarang
Maroon 5 - One More Night
Big Sean - Dance (A$$)

A bit eclectic...isn't it?! ok...maybe not ;)

2. What is the funniest YouTube video you always go to when you need a laugh (or if you just wanna watch it)?
Petra Mahalimuyak (real name is Ashley Rivera), makes me laugh! She has created quite a following in the Philippines! She has a series of funny and stupid "How To Videos" with the "How to Gets Abs in 1min" being one of her first ones...She is just super corny, makes fun of herself, and social media.

3. Favorite song in the whole wide world that you never get sick of and it's on repeat.
That depends on my mood. Lately I'd say:
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll
Benny Benassi - Cinema
Anything by Maroon 5....I love my boyfriend!

4. Do you have any embarrassing songs/singers/bands that you like?
Did you know I followed the New Kids On The Block around from 2009-2012? Yep I did! And you can probably find some of my pics and stories with them in my blog. Yeah, I'm not gonna guide you, you will just have to search for them... ;) 

5. What's that ONE song that ALWAYS makes you cry?
Ok, this is super sappy, but its the song hubby and I danced at our wedding: 
Diana Ross and Lionel Richie's Endless Love
I won't put you through the torture...but it is a beautiful song!

6. What song have you recently heard, that you can't seem to get out of your head?
Bruno Mars: Locked Out of Heaven..I think it sounds a bit like The Police's Message in a Bottle...don't you?

Hurry and link up!

Natalie Blair

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Toy Story

A recent trip to Disney's Hollywood Studios took me back...I mean wayyyyyy back!
I am probably dating myself, but does any one remember these old games and toys?



My Little Pony

The Game of Life


Fashion Plates

This was my one and only Popple! Guess I loved Basketball!

Treasure Trolls

Cabbage Patch Kids
How many of Xavier's kids did you own?

Garbage Pail Kids
I even traded these suckers while I lived in Peru! 
School admin would always take them away though...ha!

Did you play or collect any of these? 
Are you as ancient as I am?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pinterest Penguins

I was really inspired not too long ago to finally take on these super cute olive penguins I found on Pinterest!
 Aren't they the most adorable things you've ever seen?!

 Hubby's family was visiting from NJ and although he was grilling some good meat, I just wanted to give it a try! I thought it would take a long time, but honestly, I just put on some music, opened a bottle of wine, and had some fun in my kitchen. *Oh and I peeked here to get a better idea of the process*
You will need the following for about 40 cute penguins:

1 can of small pitted black olives, drained
1-2 can of large or colossal pitted black olives, drained
2-3 washed and peeled carrots
8oz of cream cheese (choose a flavored kind for an added kick!)
Round toothpicks

After draining and separating the olives, allow them to air dry or gently pat them with a paper towel.
As you can see, a bottle of wine was nearby to assist with refills...

Slice the carrots into 1/4 inch thick wheels. 
Once you've sliced them all, cut out a small triangle from the wheel as seen below.
These will later become their feet and their beaks!

Take the larger sized olives and with a knife, cut an opening from top to bottom. Guide your cut from the marks from where the olive pitted.

Now, I know you've been washing your hands throughout this process. If you haven't yet....do it now! With your fingers, scoop some cream cheese, and gently stuff it into the large olives. Don't try to clean the cream cheese from the olives right away. Just wait till you have stuffed all of the olives, wash your hands, and with a moist paper towel, wipe the extra cream cheese.

 And maybe I could have taken a picture of how I placed the beaks...but alas, I forgot to do it with my cream cheese filled fingers! lol!
Remember that little triangle you cut from the carrot wheels? You will take that triangle and cut it half, maybe even in thirds. Thing is, you will place the skinniest part of the triangle into the smaller opening of the small olives. This way, the carrot will stay in place and the olive will not break apart.

When you are ready, grab your toothpick and slowly pierce a whole through the side of the small olive, through the top of the large olive, and into the bottom carrot wheel...I mean... Head, shoulders, and feet!

And now...TADAH!!!

 You've got yourself the cutest little finger foods you'll never want to eat. They are just too adorable to bite into!

What has been your most recent Pinterest creation?? 

Monday, October 22, 2012

My Beauty VoxBox is here!

I am kinda sorta really excited!

My Influenster Beauty VoxBox finally arrived today and I've had the chance to test out a couple of products so far! The sample sizes are great and so far I like what I've tested!

I can't wait to test them all and share my reviews with you all!

PS-My room currently smells like delicious Pumpkin Cupcake ;)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pour some wine and everything's fine!

After a recent check of my lovely iPhone photos, I've noticed I've neglected to share with you those little delicious things that just make my mouth water: food, wine, and some tasteful cocktails 

[a mango margarita is sour but sweet!]

[a blackbird and a yellowthroat, plus music to boot]

[jimmy makes an appearance with tapas and some happy wine!]

[because middle sisters are full of drama]

[peruvian food time: arroz chaufa & tallarin verdes w/churrasco]

[a perfect game whilst awaiting on jamaican yummies]

[we on a boat...or not]


[a little chianti during date night]

[a little cheese and vino to accompany a panini]

 What kind of photos are you taking?


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