Thursday, November 22, 2012

Coffee Talk 11 - Be Thankful for Libations


I hope everyone is enjoying some good food and good times with family and friends today! 

I am thankful for having YOU...all my bloggy friends in my life.
I am thankful because today I ran a 5K and didn't puke nor pass out.
I am thankful because I am learning my way around my tiny kitchen.
I am thankful because the sun is shining and the weather is absolutely amazing!
I am thankful because today I will enjoy libations to enjoy my family a little better!
I am thankful because you are still reading this, ha!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my lovelies who celebrate today!

Now it's time for the weekly Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair from ohemgee...the blog

1. What is your favorite drink called? What are the ingredients in it?
I have several favorite drinks...but my go to is Captain Morgan and Diet Coke!
Patron's Coffee Liquor is super delicious as a shot, but make sure its chilled!



2. How old were you when you first got drunk?
Grandpa used to always let us "taste" his after dinner liquors so I was not drunk as a child...but my first time was in Cancun at 16 with my BFF Zulia. Thing is, Zulia's family owned a few bars in Cancun...guess where I was when I was not beaching it out?

As a matter of fact, I remember having a few of these...

3. Name an embarrassing moment about you or your friends that occurred while drinking.
I've had way too many. But I remember in college I ran away from my circle of friends, screaming bloody murder in the
Liquid courage did help me get into the VIP section and chat up with the members of a certain band's party at a club [you didn't hear that from me].

Do you recognize this blue-eyed cutie?

4. What is your favorite party drinking game?
Flip Cup all the way!


5. Are you a happy drunk? Sad drunk? Sleepy drunk? Paranoid drunk? or other?
I'd say I'm a sleepy drunk! And when I'm not sleepy drunk, I'm courageous drunk!

Celebrating [one of] my last single girl night out.

6. Are you a hard drinker (straight liquor, shots, etc.)? Fruity drinker (daiquiris, mixers, etc)? not a drinker at all? or Other?
Hmmm...I guess I'd say I'm a hard drinker. I like my shots (tequila, vodka), whiskey and sprite, and even vodka soda.
I used to enjoy the fruity drinks, but that's just wasting your calories away!

Vodka soda has very few calories...
Get it over with and just get drunk I say!

and's baking time!!!


  1. Those flaming shots look very cool - gotta love a friend whose family owns bars :)

  2. I haven't tried the coffee-flavored Patron, but it looks good.

  3. JOEY!!! Omg I had the BIGGEST crush on him!!!!

  4. VODKA all the way. anything fruity and sweet makes me sicker than a dog.


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