Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Eyes for Bale

My heart goes out to the victims and their families in Aurora, Colorado. I cannot possibly imagine the pain the town is experiencing. Just having watched a midnight showing of Batman that same night and actually noticing that we had a cop in our theatre, it was just so eerie to me. I am now thankful for their presence. Today, Christian Bale the star of Batman provided a little light and a glimmer of hope in Aurora. He visited one of the hospitals that is caring for the victims and also visited the memorial near the movie theatre. You can read more about it here.

I have followed Mr. Christian Bale for the last 20 years...so yeah I may be dating myself when I say since 1992, ever since Newsies! I have also kept this picture of him in my wallet for just about that long...ha! Since he was not such a popular actor then, people would ask me who he was...and I'd giggle and say that he is my boyfriend. Bale also had an internet cult following who called themselves Baleheads. I was one of them :)

You can just imagine how proud and excited I was when he was cast as Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan's Batman series! You see, he was the first fan club I ever joined, ha! 
So now that I've shared a little bit about my obsession with him...I will now leave you with some eye candy. Please enjoy my favorite pictures of Mr. Bale.

Pictures via tumblr

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  2. Your comments on my blog are the SWEETEST. Thank you so much. I love Christian Bale! And I love what he did for those victims. It is such an amazing powerful story! I learned to realize a loved one could be taken away from me in a split second.

  3. My body is ready for you Mr. Bale :P


  4. can i just say thank god you found me on here, your blog is amazing...and this one in particular...

    its pretty obvious we r gna be good friends in the blog world


  5. THIS IS AMAZING !!!!!!
    I feel like I'm going to cry :)


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