Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Celebrate the Season

It is the end of the year and with it, come all of the thoughts about what has happened in 2010 and what I expect to happen in 2011. Thinking back, there are a few things that have changed over the last few years. Some of which I regret, some of which I am still learning about. Hey, all is fair in love and war, right? ha!

I am happy though that I have made and kept some of the most amazing friendships this year. And on that note, my eyes have also opened to how others can be. I thought that in my last few jobs I had met the silliest people, but I guess, there are many yet to be met and dealt with.

2011, BRING IT ON!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Living MY Teenage Dream!!

Katy Perry did not know how much this would be true to me today. I just feel excited and unbelievably happy. Who would have known I would be meeting and hanging out with some of those people I had up on my walls.

Going to eat with my MRB girls this past Thursday just added a big "PLUS SIGN" to my already placed little star. I almost cried, but laughed the whole time. It is just amazing how real everything has become. And a bit wicked, all at the same time...

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Did you think that I was perfect?
Did you ever have faith in me?
Do you question all the answers?
What little there's left to believe.
Don't you know that you are perfect, just like me.
--Danny Wood


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