Friday, November 16, 2012

Holiday Baking Time is Here!

I love the Ho-HO-HOlidays!!! 
I do, I really do! 
I just hate that it comes so fast and the stores push Christmas down your throat and its not even mid-October yet!

via, why I love the holidays...oh yeah,
because I become Betty effing Crocker!
Well, kind of. You see, I HATE cooking!
Ok, I lie, I wish I liked to cook, however, I suck so therefore, I hate it!


On the other hand, I LOVE baking!!
I'm not the best, but the exact science of the baking process....
THAT I can definitely do!


This weekend, I will be faced with my first challenge, Coffee Cake and Red Velvet Cake and Cupcakes...all from scratch
[except for the frosting, but that doesn't count].


My next project will most likely be cookies...not just any cookies though, they are Peruvian cookies called Alfajores, and they are made out of cornstarch, butter, and Dulce de Leche.


I really can't wait to make these! My friends actually set up baking dates with me, because these are pain to make but so delicious to eat!

I will share these recipes with you, I PROMISE!
Just stay tuned, I will make sure to do my homework and document the process!

And I'm part of this Blog Hop this week so link up...


  1. Oh God I hate it when they put Christmas shit up and the music on at the BEGINNING of October... Now I am getting in the mood....

    And I am a fucking pro at baking! This year we are cooking!

  2. ok - i hate the holidays. i'll admit it. please still love me.

    but i love baking.
    in fact, i just made mini cheesecakes last night and i'm going to eat them till i puke.

  3. Yum! Love red velvet cake, although red velvet ice cream is even better. I like Christmas, but really. Does it have to come out in the stores the very next day after Halloween?

  4. omg! i love that target lady. she's awesome. i love to bake at christmas time too but i'm more of a cookies from a box mix kind of gal. lol.

  5. Ahhhh the Target lady! I have seen a ton of X-mas commercials but this is my first time seeing her so far this season! LMAO...thanks for sharing!

  6. Oooh cookies with dulce de leche in it, sounds so divine! Yum! I definitely need to search around for that Alfajores recipe.


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