Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sick Kitty

I may not be blessed with children yet,
however, I have my own little fur baby, thing is, 
he is officially a teenager! 
Can you believe that!?!

Poor little guy :(

He has been sicky for a few days now, so we finally had to take him to the vet.
Luckily it wasn't anything too serious although he has scared us in the past!
He came out with a cone though...he hates it!

Nibiki is the sweetest little guy, 
he likes to hide his face in your body when he goes for a car ride and at the vet.
Now, if he only stopped waking me up early for food on the weekends...
Read more on him Here!

Do you have any fur babies? Tell me about them?


  1. Awww I hope he feels better soon. I have two dogs I love them so so much so I know how you feel about yours <3

  2. Oh no! I hope he feels better! We have two kitties and pup--one of the cats went through a bought two years ago where she was sick all the time. Bless her heart--she couldn't even keep water down. The culprit was the biggest, nastiness hairball I've ever seen. I hope your boy feels ebtter soon! Love his name, btw! Have a great day!

  3. Hi there! I've never visited your blog before today and I just happened upon it and this post. Yes yes yes!!! I have a fur baby. She's my whole darn world. She's a little past teenager age... I think we'd call her about 52 in human years. Poor girl. She's a trooper though, healthy as a horse and still acts like a kitten!


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