Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Movie Star!!

I know I haven't told you yet, but I have a secret to tell you...promise you won't tell a soul...yes? ok, ready? I am movie star! didn't hear me? I AM A MOVIE STAR...heehee!

Just kidding...but I do have proof...

The crew and the crowd
The Magnum look

You see, a certain dance movie was being filmed in my city last summer. My role, was a very important one, I had to be part of a crowd. Don't laugh! It was hard work! I mean, standing under the sun, club dancing, pretending to have a really good time while sweating, wearing heels on the sand and for over 12 hours was no easy feat! Specially when the unmentionable "other" actors were being whisked away to the air conditioned areas with refreshments, and hair/make-up staff chasing after them. Our refreshments while filming thanks to Hollywood's magic: fake mojitos and beer bottles filled with water. But all kidding aside, the folks in charge of the extras treated us to breakfast, lunch, and snacks during film breaks.

Fake Mojitos - a gelatin substance that looked
like dirty water after Day 1 of filming

Alas, my hard work paid off with about 10 seconds of on-screen "OMG! that's really me next to the lead actor" time! I mean, in a few weeks, if you want to press play and pause when it comes on DVD, I'm sure you can spot me (or my elbow) in the crowd. That will surely add up to 20 more seconds of fame for me! HAHA!

Movie Star pose
aka Hiding my sweaty face behind my sunglasses.

I honestly have a new found respect for those who work in the film industry. It's hard work! From the extras, to the girls they hired to give water and paper towels, to the 100+ people that showed up and the amount of work involved in production, transportation, and logistics. It all amazed me every time.

So if you like dance movies and have enjoyed the Step Up series, I invite you to watch Step Up Revolution...maybe you'll catch a few people you know from Miami on the screen. I know I did :) the way, did you know that...
See on Two Infinity & Beyond
via etsy

Have you had your 15 seconds of "fame"?
Toodles and until next post my loves!


  1. Awesome! Any fame is good! Congrats!


  2. Youre so cute Andie!
    I'm going to watch the movie this weekend! Squee!

    Love you bunches!

  3. Haha, that's hilarious! I bet it's a trip to see yourself on the big screen!

  4. this is super cute! me encanta tus fotos! :D quiero ir a miami! the goood life :D keep up the amazing blogs

  5. How awesome! Congrats!


  6. Oh that's SO COOL! I have seen the Step Up movies and now I'll be looking for you in the next one! Happy I stumbled onto your blog! New follower.


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