Thursday, July 29, 2010

That Fat Cat

Whether he is sleeping, eating, scratching, or rolling on the floor, my dearest orange tabby is the cutest cat I know. His name, Nibiki. Why? You have to ask my brother. Apparently it was the name of a Japanese cartoon character.

Nibiki may resemble Garfield, but he is more like a dog. You see, he fetches his toys and brings them back to you. He rolls over his back so you can scratch his belly. And if you pet and scratch his ears, he may nibble (or bite) your hand. In the mornings, he won't let you sleep because he wants food. Whenever he does something "bad" he will run as fast as he can away from you and hide underneath the bed. This is no cat my friends, this is my dog.

He is now 11 years old, but like his owners, age ain't nothing but a number! Well, that's if you don't really count the fact that he spends his days sleeping like big ol' baby in his kitty couch.

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