Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Ramblings & Repeat Sundays

Helloooo my honey bunches of oats!

I really do not know what to write about. I'm just kind of overly excited...or overly anxious for the fact that the month of July is dwindling down to an end. And in a few weeks I will be back to work...back to being an adult...blah. Can I just plant my quarters on the ground and just grow a money tree? I promise to water it with all my love and attention while I sit on my towel with my toes in the sand. Sigh...I guess...that's just a dream.

What happens when I think
of the end of summer :-P
In order to lower the anxiety that "back to school" is causing,    I'm doing 3-3-6 breathing exercises....breathe in for 3, hold for 3, exhale for 6. Try it 10 times and see if it works for you. Maybe I'll expand on this in the future.

I had a few plans on the things I wanted to do this summer, but the only thing I got around doing is blogging...apparently it took over my reading and going to the gym. Heck, at least I got to vent a little...or did I? I kid, I did manage to read one book and well, I started working on the Insanity workouts. It's my second attempt at it this summer, but dude, my butt has got to fit back in my jeans! These hips really do not lie! Did I mention that Insanity is really insane? Like I used to be very active and run almost daily, but this is really I'm-about-to-throw-up intense! I am going to try my utmost best to keep up with do it daily (duh, that's what the program is). So today, as soon as I get up from my bed, I will move the furniture (yes, that's a minor setback in my motivation) and begin day 4...or is it day 5?  guhhhh...bring on the sore muscles!

What's on your mind lately? Have you completed all of your summer projects?

And here is this week's Repeat Sundays! I've been playing this one over and over this week!
Warning: Content may be offensive to some 


  1. Aaah trying not to think about summer ending..I cannot BELIEVE it is nearly August :s eeek.

    Ps--love me some Kid Cudi (is that a remixed version?)

  2. I love your blog, I'm a new follower. Maybe you want to follow back?? :) XX

  3. hi andie

    you got a beautiful blog....
    Even I got a blog... hope you can visit it sometime...Would love to follow each other..

  4. I wish painting money would sprout money tree's!

    Anxiety can be rough, if the breathing doesn't work try thinking about something you love for at least 60 seconds. I think about my dogs ;)

    Good luck with the insanity workouts girl they are rough but the results are worth it.

  5. Insanity! Wow! You're tough.. I keep hearing it's brutal and it kind of scares me a bit.. My brother in law was doing P90x and hurt his knee and had to get surgery.. So that scares me a little.. Stretch and be safe!


    PS. I'm going to try that breathing exercise. I have a wedding to shoot this week and it makes me superrr nervous thinking about it.. Once I'm there, I'm ok.. But all the other times, I get nervous. eek!

  6. Ahh I;m obsessed with this song! I love your blog. I'm a FL blogger too! Cant wait to read more.



  7. hey thanks for visiting my following you also.....hey wana share your work on my blog ?? let me know on my blog...

  8. Hi Andie! Stopping by from Natalie's
    "I'm a Florida Blogger". Love your blog!



  9. I cannot believe summer is almost over! I am dreading going back to school. I have a lot of things I need to finish before school starts again!


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