Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Spirit

oh...Ryan Lochte...Ok so I could start another post about another hot guy...I mean who doesn't like to see an Adonis in the water. Oh sorry was that you...ha! No worries, if you tune into the tube now, you can probably catch the swimming competition...oh so hot! and did I mention he is Florida Gator (Go Orange & Blue!)

But really, the reason why I started this post was to tell you a little about how the Olympics always brings out the pride of the athlete in me. As a youngster in Peru, my school had their own annual Olympics, where instead of countries, different classes and grades were separated as teams and united in colors. And I was lucky enough to be part of my grade's team of athletes. My school had an awesome parade for the opening and closing ceremonies; oh yes and the presentation of medals as well!

1st grade in yellow, Kindergarten in orange,
and receiving my medals in 3rd grade in green. :)

Thinking back, I was pretty, volleyball, long jump, 400meter relay, and 100meter dash.  I was one of the 3 fastest girls in a class of 90-something students. I have no idea why I didn't follow through in sports when I moved to the U.S. I guess because PE was optional or because I was so focused in learning English and fitting in. Eh...either way, I still think I can run fast, if I had to run away from a vampire I could do it for a block or so. After that, I would just be dinner....ha!

The first Olympic Games that I remember is Seoul 1988. Is it crazy that I still remember the little tiger that was their mascot? You wouldn't think my memory was that sharp if you met me today. ha! I remember watching the Peruvian volleyball team winning the silver medal and hoping that someday I could do the same. forward to today, I don't play sports and my forearms turn all sorts of colors when they dig for a volleyball. Basketball? Forget it, I am so uncoordinated. Lucky for me, DH makes up in our combined basketball skills.

This year, I cheer for my birth country and my home country. Either way, it'll be fun watching track & field, volleyball, and my favorite...gymnastics!

What is your favorite Olympic sport? Which country do you represent?

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  1. Lochte is gorgeous to look questions. But could he not talk sometimes? haha he ruins it!


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