Monday, July 7, 2014

Comic Book Bar Display and Remodel

We've had a lot of fun and headaches in remodeling and filling up our new home. And there are many parts of our home I have yet to show you. So I'll begin with this room in our house.
So this is how the previous owners left the house. I wasn't too into the chair rails and the two-toned green. But before the handymen took over, we made this our dining room.

However, soon after, we noticed that the pool/ping-pong table the previous owners had left behind could not survive outdoors in the Miami humidity. Therefore we brought it back inside. We painted the walls of the room a blueish gray. And we were lucky enough to inherit 4 barstool chairs from a TV studio from my brother-in-law's job.

We wanted to dress up our bar area and hubby a million and one ideas for his comic book and card collection. Instead of allowing him to take over one of the walls in the main living room, we agreed on dressing up the play room/bar area. 

So for this Comic Book Display, we decided to take to Ikea to get our ideas started! 
We purchased three 21in RIBBA Picture Ledges for $9.99/each in addition to several RIBBA Picture Frames size 81/2 x 11in at $4.99/each. I also bought some black construction paper since the frames are slightly bigger than the comic books and the paper would allow for a black backing for them. 

I have to say our little project was fun for both of us. He got to go down memory lane and pick his favorite cards and comic books. And I utilized my overly annoying perfectionism in measuring and placing the ledges and frames on the walls. ha! Now that I am looking at this picture, I think we will add another set of frames to the left side of the window too. What do you think?

We are also in the search for some cool window treatments because we have two large sliding doors and one window that we need to dress up pretty. But, in the meantime...we will enjoy some fun in the pool. 

Would you like to join us?

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  1. I love the idea of framed comic books as a decor theme! It looks really good! The view of the pool is nice. I;d almost say you don't need window treatments, but then that would mean you probably have to wear pants, and that's just no good...

  2. That is brilliant! I love the dynamism. I mean, everyone should have 'Infinity Gauntlet' hanging on their walls. But more than that, is a clear and unifying vision in this all. Should be nice, once you integrate all those ideas and design plans and take them even further someday. Good luck!

    Ronald Miller @ Eagle Building Solutions


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