Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What a lovely week!!!

Last week was certainly one to remember. I made a conscious effort to go running this week...I made a total of 4 attempts to run/walk! Which is great by the way, considering I've been sidelined for almost a year! I definitely see the difference on the scale and that makes me super duper happy! My goal is 20lbs so I can fit back into the clothes I wore two years ago....let's see how that goes!

And of course, if there is a win...there must be a celebration. Lucky for me, my dear friend Emily was able to have her dad babysit her little Ethan while she and I spent some quality time together sipping on Bellinis (Prosecco sparkling wine and peach nectar). 

Ethan is 21 months old and is such a stud! I couldn't resist his cuteness and surrendered my phone immediately to him. Little did I know, he was having a selfie party all by himself!

How has your week been so far???

 photo 52abfd94-ed48-4d5e-b617-840056588aaa_zpsb3d9f473.jpg

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