Friday, April 18, 2014

Baby Shower Fun!

Last week I hosted my sister's baby shower at my house. Unfortunately, I have event planning anxiety, so everything leading up to the event was stress inducing, but I had some very good people helping out during the day.

However, I need to recharge myself with stress reduction fluids pre decor party!

My aunt was in charge of beefing up the decor for the "Mommy-to-bee" event and she did such an amazing job:

All of our family members (there are many of us) helped out by bringing one to three dishes to the party! We had peruvian ceviche, suspiros, butifarras, chicken sandwiches, sangria, ice tea...ohhhemmmgeee!

And I of course, had to have my way with a little onesie activity center where guests could create appliqué or iron-on designs on onesies. Thank you to Pinterest and my dear friend Jen for the idea!

The family and festivities continued:

Me, little D, and my mom
D and her work crew 
My cousin Francesco played barman!
Hubby and brother-in-law played valet men! 
The beautiful ladies of our family!

All of the stress was truly worth it!

 photo 52abfd94-ed48-4d5e-b617-840056588aaa_zpsb3d9f473.jpg

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  1. You all did this on your own? Seriously? It's fabulous. You did an amazing job. I would believe you if you told me that you hired professionals. Your house was made for hosting!


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