Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mi Peru: Triple Fs (Friends/Family/Fun) my second post of my trip to Lima, Peru during Summer 2013 has got to be about the crazy, drunken, fun that may or may not have happened while I was there....

But I think this little monster could attest to the fun:

My childhood friend Silvia surely made every pit stop in Barranco an adventure at every corner.  From lounges to secret was really an adventure!

But friends and family was always there to pick me up after a long day out!

My uncles and my cousins loved taking me out even if we were doing a barbecue in the country or visiting musical fountains in the city.

Even Jazz and his crooked tail came to bid me farewell!

Saying goodbye to my grandpa is always a tearjerker. But on the good side, I get to see him again this year!

 photo 52abfd94-ed48-4d5e-b617-840056588aaa_zpsb3d9f473.jpg

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