Monday, April 21, 2014

Family Easter Celebrations

I hope everyone had a joyful Easter weekend!

My crazy family got together yesterday to celebrate Easter. This included family chats, Heat game, barbecue, egg hunt, and crafts with onesies. We usually get together at my aunt's house where the food and the sangria is always flowing.

My dad loves being the master of the grill. And here he is flipping "anticuchos". Which is what us Peruvians called a skewered meat...and I won't mention what kind of meat because that may be a little eewww to you ;) We also had corn, potato with huancaina sauce which is my favorite, and picarones!

Nowadays, we don't have a large group of kids that participate in the egg hunt like we used to, so my little nephews (5 and 9) must collide along with my youngest cousins (12) to gather all of the goodies.

Since we had so much left over fabric from my sister's baby shower, I ended up buying additional onesies and brought them for my aunts, cousins, and nephews to have fun with at our gathering.

My family is pretty creative and pretty patient. Considering some of the decorations were so detailed!! But alas, fun was had by all who came to the table!

This is Giancarlo. Poor little guy was exhausted after a day at the beach, then pool, then he tried his hand at crafts...he was so proud of the onesie we worked on together. I love him and his helicopter!

What kind of fun did you have this weekend??

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