Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Milkshake Brings all the Boys to the Berry Farm

The best thing in my life are strawberries.
The fact that we can go to the Strawberry farm pick up fresh berries and have a delicious strawberry sundae or milkshake on a beautiful weekend afternoon...priceless....

Below are some random pictures from my visits to Burrs Berry Farm in the Redlands.

Doesn't this look all kinds of wonderful and deliciousness!?!

My cousins visiting from Peru. Not only do they love the Biebs...but they also love strawberries!

Just a couple of cute kids that I  get to hug every now and then..

Uber cute bird houses!


  1. Loveee that Place! You should also try Knaus Berry Farm!! There in Homestead too. They have the best Cinnamon Rolls and their Milkshakes are yummmyyyy!!!

  2. Mmmmmmm!! Milkshakes! Sooo yummy! I think I need one right now! And I would have one except it's a little on the chilly side and I'm not even wearing a jacket and I'll freeze.. So I'll pass and live vicariously through you! UNLESS of course I run home and get a jacket


  3. this place looks amazing! and those kids and those bird houses are adorbs. :)

  4. Strawberry sundaes, shortcakes, milkshakes, heck, even the hot dogs sound delicious! I'm loving those gorgeous bird houses!

  5. That place looks simply awesome!!! Going to have to check it out next time I am down there! :)


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