Sunday, December 9, 2012

I'M BACK.....Coffee Mug Swap!

So my life? 

Well, it was in boxes...most of it still is. However, I have found a little nook where I can feel comfy and at ease. While I was putting my life away in boxes...I received the BEST BOX EVER!!!

I was partnered up with Angela from Please Mommy, No More Daddies... who is the coolest mom and photographer! I just love the way she documents her life and her family! 

Angela...I have a thing (or two, or three) to learn from your photography skilllllzzzz!

It was Angela's Coffee Mug goodies that gave me something to smile REALLY big about! 
She made me feel special since she was able to capture different things that I love and blog about in her box of goodies! Some of which, I probably would've picked up to send to her myself! (camera and coffee stuff of course!)

Check out the FUN contents in my swap box! 

She knew perfectly well that Candyland is my favorite game AND she even made my heart pitter patter with all the wine and coffee key chains and stuff! 

and the Garbage Pail Kids cards.....outstanding my dear Angie!

I loved getting my little fun E.L.F. polish combo pack and what and talking mustache? That's the freaking shit!

By the way...the chocolate and the mallow bites are almost all gone! There's only so much candy you can avoid in between stressful moves!

Angela...THANK YOU... and I know I'm super late, but I know that your box of goodies is finally on its way!!

Make sure you are following Natalie at The Spunky Poser who hosted this awesome swap!


  1. that is a whole box full of awesome!! i'm totally jealous!

  2. yay! i'm so glad you liked it all! i had the most fun of any swap i've ever done doing this one. :)


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