Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What I Wore: Style Sessions

Hello there my little lovelies. 
I'm linking up today with Lauren from Stylelixir to show you what I wore!

I had a little shindig I went to this weekend and this is the outfit I came up with.
My current living situation has minimized my closet to 1/4 of what it really is. That's why I have to get creative and try new things and new combinations.

I didn't have my trusty hubby (aka my personal photographer) with me so I took some selfies with my iPhone.
Please excuse my background and messy bedroom.

A little office chic, a little street fun...

I'm in love with my new iPhone case too.

Jacket - H&M | White Long Sleeve - Ross |  Jeans - Guess | Boots - Material Girl | Watch - Michael Kors | Necklace - Gifted

Oh yeah..I also got to hold this gorgeous baby. 

Apparently, everyone was telling me this was my best accessory...hmmmmm


  1. I love that jacket and the boots! Really cute!!

  2. You looked great!! I especially love your necklaces!

  3. 1/4 of your regular closet?! ah, I'm sorry girl! Good for you though! That is definitely challenging, but definitely gets the creative juices flowing. Love that jacket!


  4. Great outfit and i love the blazer and necklace most!

  5. I absolutely love that blazer. The ruffles are super cute! And so is that baby!

  6. SUPER cute outfit! I am a new follower and glad to have discovered your blog! I am excited to read more. I love making new bloggy friends so if you are interested check out my blog "Mommy Fashionista". http://dreamersdiaryblog.blogspot.com/

  7. Cute outfit!

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