Sunday, January 13, 2013

Random Thoughts on an 8 Mile Run

so i took two days off from running.

happy hour on friday where pizza and booze flowed
two house parties on saturday where football, music, alcohol, and fried food were king.

needless to say, my 6am time to get up bitch! alarm was completely ignored on sunday.
a couple of hours passed
i rolled to my right and i rolled over to my left.
did a little bit of this:

i finally got up while everyone else was still asleep.
i realized i didn't have a choice: today is the day i would reach mile 8.

running gear on, packed my energy gu and my water.
i definitely did not want to pass out in the middle of my jog.
off i drove towards the nearest golf course.
at least i wasn't the only fool there.
walkers, runners, and cyclists.
oh my!

gave my self a little pep talk.
i can do this! i can do this!
it's only 2 times around the course
eight miles...eight miles...fuckmylife...eight miles!!

guess i had no choice.
so off i went.

why is everyone staring at me?
mental outfit check: blue socks to my knees, pink shirt, black pants, green headband.
mental note, turn on lights before picking work out clothes.

my pants are giving me a wedgie.
how do i adjust without....err....nevermind

stupid shin splints are not supposed to start for another 2 miles.
i'm not even at my first mile

am i going the right way?

where are the walkers so i could feel like the road runner next to them?
this is run waayyyyy easy.

running app says: 17minutes, 0.5 miles
punk'd! i got wayyyyys to go

damn cyclist getting in my way.
he veered into me and i had to move off the road!

awww look at the cute little ducklings
hurry up ducks

that's a cute little pup up ahead
dog pops a squat...aaahhhhh
avoid the poop! avoid the poop!

time for some gu
yummy apple lime gu
time for some water
where's my water bottle
in the car and we're at...mile 4

almost halfway!

stop to refuel

i can do this
breathe into a bag
gather more oxygen into my brain

ok, let's do more time

waaah my knees are hurting
take a deep breath
slow it down...sllllooowwwww it dooownnnn

don't walk, don't walk
oh yeah, get it runner girl

what a pretty building
i definitely don't remember it the first time around

to the woman walking her dalmatian,
pongo better not chase after me

boogies running down my nose
sweat getting into my eye...aaaahhhh
i need a towel

at least the music is pumping
and weeeee are never ever ever ever ever everrrrrrr
i'm sexy and i know it
wheeeerree have youuuu beeeen
you make me feel lalaalalalalaaaaa

i'm almost there!
a little more running.
finally at 7.5 miles
when does it stop?
where is my car?

i'll start walking after the tree,
ok maybe after the closer stop sign
running app: 1hour 30mins, 8 miles
perfect timing!

i made it
i survived
but still, pray for me
i'll be doing 8 miles again this week to prep
next weekend's goal: 10 miles!


  1. omg this is positively perfectly brilliantly hysterical. i was right there with you. good for you for making it 8 miles! i can't even imagine. you should be so proud!

  2. Hahaha love your horizontal running you crack me up for real love the post

  3. HAHAHA reading what you were thinking is great! I think the exact same things. Congrats on completely 8 miles (and after being out the night before)! Not a feat many can say they have done:)

  4. I love Fat Amy!!!! She cracks me up!


  5. Go Andie!!!!
    So proud of you!

  6. I love your inner dialogue! thanks for sharing! Congratulations - keep it up :) so glad I stumbled upon your blog! excited to follow :)



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