Thursday, January 3, 2013

Coffee Talk - It's the New Year!

It's my very first Coffee Talk of 2013!!! 
I'm so happy my buddy Natalie over at 23seventeen got this baby back up and running for 2013.


1. It's 2013! What will be the first thing you do that is memorable?
Run my first Half-Marathon at the end of January! I'm shitting bricks, but it's something I've been wanting to do for the last 3-4 years! Read more about it [here].

2. It's also income tax season... what do you plan on doing with all of that $$$?
Not sure if I'll get all that money back..but if I do, it'll go back to my savings!

3. What are your 2012 pros/cons?
Cons: Ending some friendships. Getting caught up with work. Bouts of depressions. Gaining 25 pounds.
Pros: Learning to love me again. Learning to like my job. Linking back with my friends. Learning to laugh and forgive myself more. Blogging!!!

4. What are you looking forward to this year?
Buying and moving into our new home! Hoping to either fix my 10 year old blue Cindy, or replacing her with a brand new car! 


5. What was your favorite movie, CD album, book of 2012?
Movie: Brave, Django
CD: Don't really have one, but I love Pink and Maroon 5!
Book: The only book I read this year, 50 shades of Grey

Don't forget to sign up for the New Year Giveaway [Here]! There's still time!

Link up peeps!!


  1. LMAO! I think everyone read 50 Shades. Including men as well! It was HOT!!

    I can't wait for us to buy our first house. I hate the house we live in!!!

  2. i'll forgive you this one time...BUT you didn't mention meeting me as one of your PROS for 2k12.

    and get your half-marathon on girl!

  3. OMG DJANGO WAS SO GOOD!!! Although, I felt a tidbit racist when I laughed, but oh my gaawwwddd it was amazing!!!!

  4. Psyched to hear about that half will ROCK it!!!!!!

  5. Best of luck with your half marathon...that's incredible!!!

    I also have been loving the new Pink album!!


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