Thursday, October 25, 2012

Coffee Talk #7 - Music and Vids!

Life took over...I know, but guess what, I'm trying to catch up! So here it is, link up with Natalie Blair's Coffee Talk #7! 
And now, press PLAY!

1. What is in your playlist?
The play list that I am always listening to is my Gym playlist! So i'd say:
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll
Britney Spears - Drop Dead Beautiful
Lil Wayne &amp - Cory Gunz: 6 foot 7 foot
David Guetta - Toyfriend
Skrillex - Bangarang
Maroon 5 - One More Night
Big Sean - Dance (A$$)

A bit eclectic...isn't it?! ok...maybe not ;)

2. What is the funniest YouTube video you always go to when you need a laugh (or if you just wanna watch it)?
Petra Mahalimuyak (real name is Ashley Rivera), makes me laugh! She has created quite a following in the Philippines! She has a series of funny and stupid "How To Videos" with the "How to Gets Abs in 1min" being one of her first ones...She is just super corny, makes fun of herself, and social media.

3. Favorite song in the whole wide world that you never get sick of and it's on repeat.
That depends on my mood. Lately I'd say:
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll
Benny Benassi - Cinema
Anything by Maroon 5....I love my boyfriend!

4. Do you have any embarrassing songs/singers/bands that you like?
Did you know I followed the New Kids On The Block around from 2009-2012? Yep I did! And you can probably find some of my pics and stories with them in my blog. Yeah, I'm not gonna guide you, you will just have to search for them... ;) 

5. What's that ONE song that ALWAYS makes you cry?
Ok, this is super sappy, but its the song hubby and I danced at our wedding: 
Diana Ross and Lionel Richie's Endless Love
I won't put you through the torture...but it is a beautiful song!

6. What song have you recently heard, that you can't seem to get out of your head?
Bruno Mars: Locked Out of Heaven..I think it sounds a bit like The Police's Message in a Bottle...don't you?

Hurry and link up!

Natalie Blair


  1. oh man do i love the yeah, yeah, yeahs!!

  2. baha!!! That first video is hilarious! When she started applying it to her cleavage I lost it!

  3. those videos! haha love it. thanks for sharing :)

  4. Dude. Ain't nothing wrong with NKOTB!! I still rock that shit!!!

    As for Adam Levine.. he is sexy!!!



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