Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chickenbugger say what?!

Hello my little chickenbuggers...

I'm so sorry I've been MIA. The thing is that since school...ok, "work" started in August, I just haven't had much time to come on and write much! I feel like a horrible bloggy friend :(

All in all, life is going great! I can't complain. Although maybe that little big spat hubs and I had last night. We aren't the perfect couple, but dude, we sure try to argue/fight the "right" way. Notice the word "try" there, ha!

I think I'm using too many "quotation marks"!!!

Anyway, I needed like 3 different breathing breaks to clear my head and not poke him in the eyes a couple of times. Aahhhhh! You know that it's love when you fight because you love each other.

Well, now onto some other stuff that is cooler than freaking cool...
I'm going to one of the many Oktoberfests this Friday! Woooheeee! Drink till I puke I say!!!! ....NOT!  I think I deserve a night out, for reals!

I've been a really good girl at work....that's if you don't count the many times I arrive late (Miami traffic sucks the big cheese!!!) Either way, I'm planning on giving myself some time to write some reports at home this weekend. Ever since I lost my USB, all I do at work is look for files in different emails that I can recuperate!

And oh my sweetpuffs, I am in love with Emma Stone. 


My girl crush is so amazingly awesome!
I think I've watched SpidermanEasy A, The Help, and Crazy. Stupid. Love. oh about....1,200,319 times!


And don't forget...



  1. i love emma stone too! new follower, can't wait to catch up on your posts :)

  2. OMG! I LURVE EMMA STONE. I think she is so beautiful! I love her hair, and her teeth... yeah. Teeth. I love her teeth. lol

    I was so excited to see your comment and figure out who you were. lol. and then, I saw emma stone.

    We can be besties now. :D

  3. i love Chuck!
    and i love Emma Stone. especially in Crazy, Stupid, Love!

  4. Emma Stone is amazing! She's fabulous in every movie I've seen, you really can't fault her. If anyone dares to, they'll have me to deal with :P

    Just Smile.

  5. Tots agree LOVEEE Emma Stone she is such a bad ass she cracks me up!


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