Friday, June 29, 2012

Another "Grey" Review

Just last week I wrapped up my first summer read. And although I hate to admit, it was my first book in a LONG time! For the past 5 years, I've only read textbooks. Yet, I managed to squeeze Harry Potter books (and audiobooks) in between.

I chose the utmost popular book of the last few months of course, "50 Shades of Grey". I tried not to read the reviews for the book and asked my friends to tell me as little about the book as possible. So here are my two cents...

The turn ons:
Oh my goodness, it was a hot read! When my quiet friend Ms. V said it was hot, she was right! "You don't need a man!" yup, that's what she said! It was definitely an easy read and easy to follow, but I have to admit I did have to look up certain words related to "the contract". This led to some interesting conversations with my special someone and my friends. I totally related to the main character, I guess, anytime a writer creates a klutz as the heroine, I tend to relate, ha!

The "Oh no she didn't":
I did roll my eyes at her name...several times. She really had a very, hmm, old school, victorian name. I guess its to relate to other readers. I'd rather have her not be "Anastasia", its such a royal-ish (is this even a word?), period name. Why did it have to be set in the same area as the Twilight saga? And maybe this is the part I felt uncomfortable with, she thinks too much, but I guess I do too!

Overall, pick it up if you haven't been inspired to read in awhile. It may even spice up your sex life...oh, yes I did!

Who do you think should be cast as Christian Grey for the movie? Can you guess my pick?

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