Saturday, July 30, 2011

Taking Indy by Storm! first solo trip. Not work related of course. I mean, I had just finished unpacking from Orlando and then...bam must get ready for Indy. I was very excited, and a little nervous. 
I get off the plane and just in a few minutes I am bum rushed by 2 of my fave sister trio! Allysson and Elysabeth tell me stories about their most recent adventures on the way to the hotel. After a few hugs and see you laters, I am off to rest in my hotel room. Once I arrived, I find myself trying to decide between 1 out of the 5 dresses I brought (yes 5, a girl has got to have options!!). I may have rested for all of 5 minutes, but I was already making plans for a late lunch. The mini cab ride to The Bar made me feel like I was in my mid-20s again, well, at least I was told that I'm too young to be a New Kid fan (YES!) At The Bar, the food and rounds of grape vodka and sprite kept coming and I was enjoying my time with Jules, Jenni, and Devon.
It was finally time to get ready for the concert and hug my dear friends I don't get to see often! So I admit it, I had a little dance party with Megghan, Allysson, and Elysabeth. And yes even Joey was trying to copy my moves, but all in all, a really good time!
After show was so much of fun, laughs, and hugs with Jules, Lynnie, Sheltons, and Danny. We might've allowed some other Kids to make us laugh a few times too. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, we were startled by a truck tire explosion. And well after that it was the walk back, oh my little feet and toes, I love you both for still being part of me despite all of the torture I put you through.
This was the short version of the 36 hour trip I will never forget :)

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