Sunday, July 10, 2011

Living Healthy

What does it mean to live healthy? 
What does it really mean? Is it all about working out? Is it about eating right? Is it about avoiding bad foods? Hell if I know, but I do know that I am trying. 

Ok, so I'm sort of trying. I may not be choosing the correct foods, but I'm sure making an effort to get my cardio in at least 4-5 times a week. I still eat the chocolate, I still eat fried food, but really, maybe once a week (each).

I'm also desperately trying to get my husband in the diet mix since he has joined a bet with 5 other friends on who loses the most wins $500 ($100/person). So I'm making him feel guilty about eating out and forcing him to eat my kitchen concoctions, which are some time, not quite delicious. ha!

The one thing I will swear on is how just switching from sodas to water has changed my life. It is to the point that if I have one glass of soda, I will have a new bulge in my stomach and will have difficulty running the next day!

So if you make a change, any change at all, is to add more water to your diet. To eat from smaller plates so they appear fuller. And to eat with a smaller utensil so that you eat slower. It takes 15-20 mins for your stomach to tell your brain you are full, and by then, you may be double stuffed!

May start reading more of the series for Eat This! Not That! to get more into healthy eating habits!

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