Monday, September 15, 2014

Pure Barre or Pure Jello?

Last week I called my friend Veronica. She had been anxiously awaiting for my "big paycheck" so that we could sign up to go to a new workout meant to give you a ballerina body. And so I did...I signed up to do the torturous Pure Barre. Lucky, or unluckily, for us, we used to dance. I mean used in high school, and maybe in college, like over 10 years ago. Yeah, that long ago.

Either way, those years of dancing and ballet did nothing for us in the class, because, let's face it, what does barre have to do with ballet? Absolutely nothing! Other than it gives your muscles ballerina-like definition.

Anyhow, my body and my weak little muscles were pushed to the point of the shakes! We weren't even using heavy weights (3lbs for me at most) and I couldn't even hold them without doing Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' dance to rest my little muscle fibers. It was all isometric movements. And by that I mean, hold your muscles tight and move them just about an inch up, and an inch down...over and over and over. get the idea. Or another visual for you would be like doing wall sits for forever.

Lucky for me, Megan, the instructor was nice enough to walk around and give Veronica (although she kept calling her Victoria) and I positive feedback. Whew! But still, how does she manage to hold her leg up for such a long time?! Of course, I tried my absolutely best to do every single movement right...and what did that get me?

I couldn't walk, laugh, sneeze, nor cough for 3 days after the class! It was unreal and a great workout. The class doesn't necessarily make you sweat, but if you know me, you know I sweat like a hog. Yeah...big fat hog in a 400 degree brick oven. That's what it felt like. But you know felt good. And like the masochist that I am...I went again today. Not to say I am a masochist again, but I will be going tomorrow to join my friends who couldn't make it today. here it body feels like total jello! I know you want to try it now...don't you?!

You can look up for a studio near you here:

PS-Oh and this was not a sponsored post...I just love the pain that much!

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  1. I keep hearing about this type of workout... I think I need to jump on board!

  2. I wish I knew someone that would go with me! I'm too chicken to go alone. Also, I LOVE that you used Taylor's GIF in here, I love that girl! : )

  3. I've been wanting to try pure barre but from what I hear it is pricey and it's always hard to find times/locations that fit with my schedule the way I need it to. I'm looking into DVD'S and barre from home options. Sounds like an awesome work out. I am disappointed to find that it doesn't really have much to do with ballet. I love ballet.


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