Sunday, September 9, 2012

Repeat Sundays: K-pop!

Did you watch the VMA's this week?
Well, I didn't, but somehow hubby picked up on the latest trend hitting the airwaves in parts of the world...what is it? It's...


K-POP is Korean Pop Music that features a handful of fun music genres. A South Korean man by the name of Psy, pokes fun at himself and creates a catchy, funny tune that just makes me laugh, and yes, it even makes me want to get up and dance!!!

Get ready to laugh your ass off, yeah...and ask what the F*** is he doing! 

Did you get up and rock the Gangnam Style dance?

Pssst.....I did!


  1. What the actual f***?
    At least he has better dance moves than my dad :D
    I can't start laughing.

    Just Smile.

  2. i know,
    that gangham dance is pretty famous right now. K-POP is such a huge influence in asia right now.
    i was laughing so hard too when i see this for the first time

  3. This is hilarious! Thanks for sharing and thank you for your lovely comment.

    Sita xx

  4. Hope you had a good weekend, Andie!! Just wanted to say hello :)

  5. I missed the VMAs this year...but that Gangnam style stuff is EVERYWHERE I look! So crazy. ;)

  6. A friend of mine showed me this video a few weeks ago and I haven't gotten it out of my mind since. I definitely laughed out loud while watching this video.

  7. OMG i just discovered psy in the last few weeks. i love this song. and yes, i do the dance too!


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