Friday, April 17, 2009

Ever wonder what makes you tick?

For me, it has to be the way things work around me. I enjoy positivity and intelligent conversation. Don't get me wrong, I get frustrated easily and enjoy venting to someone I trust.
My husband tells me that I am easily amused, but hey, that's just me loving and appreciating life! Those little things...
What makes you move? I have found that most of my drive comes from intrinsic motivation, but I must admit that extrinsic motivation does not hurt my self-esteem either! I mean, we all enjoy some type of reinforcement right?
I have been been told that I aim to please, but really, that gets tiring sometimes! I have learned to speak my mind and I truly think its an art that I would like to master someday.
Until then, I'll try not to step on eggshells, but I will not put my ass on the line to avoid these. If I end up stepping on one, well, I guess I will come out stronger at the end.
Every mistake is considered a success as long as you have learned something from it, right?!

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