Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pretty Boys....pretty soccer playing boys....

Remember this Adonis?
This is Cristiano Rolando. Hot soccer player from Portugal.
Look, sigh, wipe mouth, continue...

This past Saturday he scored the winning penalty goal at the La Liga Championship in Europe.
This hottie plays with Real Madrid, the same team that David Beckham played for
...needless to say they are the forever champions since they get all the superstars!! 
Atletico Madrid, the underdogs got duped!!!

Now watch as he scores, takes his shirt off, and flexes....

You have some drool...don't forget to wipe!

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  1. ha! i LOVE football (soccer). but i've never been a fan of christiano ronaldo, hehe. he's a good player though. with craaazzy soccer skill. do you watch football a lot? i cannot wait for the world cup in June!


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