Sunday, May 29, 2011

Celebrating Life

Thursday, May 12th, came and went. It has taken me over two weeks to finally write my goodbyes. The main reason you ask? Because I knew that this month would be a tough one. Once I knew you were gone, I knew how many special dates this month would no longer be the same. How my usual laughter next to yours would be accompanied by tears. But I have learned that I can overcome these tears, with the company of my family. Mi gran familia.

I am after all really thankful that God let you be with us for so long. For us to have enjoyed so many years together and even so special moments, not only in my life, but also in the lives of all of your grandchildren and two amazing great-grandchildren. Nonna, you are an amazing human being and when I grow older, I hope to have even half as much love and friendships as you do. I want to know the spice for life that you carried for so long. And even if I have to, I will begin cooking, because that is the main reason you kept our family together. By adding food to the table.

Today I sing "Happy Birthday" to you, because I know you are dancing, just like you love to do up in the heavens. I miss you so very much even though I know you are right next to me and watching over me. Please say hello to Nonno and give a huge hug to my Mama Dora. I know they are happy to have you with them. I am happy you are now in peace and in the company of so many wonderful others.

Nonna, you are an amazing woman and I am so proud to call you my grandmother. 
I love you.

Enjoying a brunch after a long day of wedding dress shopping

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