Monday, August 24, 2009

My NKOTB Adventures

"I Remember When...": Lima, Peru, 1989, I was 9 years old and like every afternoon, you'd find me listening to music or watching music videos. And there it came, "The Right Stuff" popped on the tube and I was immediately drawn to the 5 hot guys from Boston. I was only 9, but I was definitely into the boys then :). I still wanted to see more and lucky for me "Please Don't Go Girl" was next. Now, I knew who to keep my eyes was Joey Joe. Yes, I was into the blue eyed boy. I practiced and beefed up my English skills by writing down the lyrics to the songs since these were not included with the cassette tapes. This would help me considering 1 1/2 years later, I'd be moving to the states. But by the time I moved in 1991, their flame was dwindling and I was the only fan on the block. Literally.
Fast forward to 2008. Miami, FL, I heard the rumors, I logged on to the net. I could not believe my eyes! NKOTB will be reunited again! This time, I had control over my experience, or at least I thought. Although I could not find a soul to go with me to NYC, I made sure to be present for the Ft. Lauderdale show that my hubby happily accompanied me to. It was amazing. I cried, I laughed, and I waved my hands in the air like just don't care! Little did I know then that facetime was a possibility.
March 2009. This is when MY year of the Block really started. My first meet and greet and first road trip began in Ft. Myers. Oh, little did I know, more was to come and my facetime opportunities would only get better! And so it is...Ft. Myers, FL; Orlando, FL; Memphis, TN; Wichita, KS; Dallas, TX; and Houston, TX. My last meet and greet of the year was also the last concert of the tour and therefore it was amazing.
My facetime experiences? Well, it started in Ft. Myers, where a certain someone claims to remembered me from then. That rolled over to a quaint little party in Miami Beach that happened before the cruise. I got to wish Danny boy Happy Birthday in person and all thanks to some liquid courage. That night I got my pics taken with all, except for Jon (I'll get you soon!). Joey took our pic twice, Donnie taking several pics with us and even stole some kisses from me! Jordan, well, I promise not to call you out on your pic skills anymore. And Danny, such an awesome host. He took care of my friend and I the entire night! Encouraging us to stick around his table. This was also the night were my Mac dreams began to swerve towards Wood issues, all thanks to the power of! These first encounters led to us bumping and meeting them in other states. So much so, that Danny even gave shout outs from stage to his 305 girls.

And well, Houston, TX ended my chapter for the touring with NKOTB, but 2009 is not over yet. We still have a Komen Race for the Cure run we have to finish in October. Who knows who we may bump into that day?

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